​Global Engagement Project
  1. Aftercare
  2. Aftercare
  3. Making Rice Crispy Treats
  4. Classtime
  5. Aftercare
  6. Field Day!
  7. Aftercare
  8. Mountaineer's School of Autism & Academy
  9. Chess Time
  10. Tennis Thursday
  11. Making Halloween Gingerbread Houses
  12. Helping Put Together the Halloween Gingerbread House
  13. Decoration Time
  14. Getting Our Hands Painted for Our "Blood Hands" Project
  15. "Blood Hands"
  16. Happy Halloween!
  17. Halloween is Just Getting Started
  18. Little Red & Bumblebee
  19. The Squad - Happy Halloween!
Mountaineer's School of Autism & Academy
Does anyone personally know a child with autism or has worked with them? I have, and it’s quite incredible but it’s also challenging. Mountaineer’s School of Autism is a not-for-profit school for children (K-12) with autism and other disabilities.

I have ALWAYS loved being around kids and working with them in any way I could. Mountaineer's School of Autism gave me that opportunity. Not only did they open their arms to me during a low point in my life, but they also guided me, taught me, and gave me a chance to grow into the woman I am proud of today. I have been aware of and around Autism since I was eleven years old as my best friend's younger brother is autistic. I have never looked at him differently than I would a person who is considered neuro-typical as people are people, no matter what differences they may have between them.

However, he was the only autistic person I have ever personally known, so I was unaware that the spectrum of autism was so vast until I came to Mountaineer's School of Autism. Every day I thank God for giving me such an incredible opportunity to be able to work with these kids who are both on the spectrum as well as off in multiple different ways.

It is not me who is teaching the kids, but the kids that are teaching me.  Every day these children teach me things about life...things you cannot learn in a textbook or read in a magazine or even watch on tv...they let me in and allow me to see them at their best as well as their worst. I get to see them grow and make accomplishments that they wouldn’t do on their own if it wasn’t for the school.

They have taught me how to be patient, understanding, and a well-rounded individual.  
The students are such joys and I love spending every minute with them. They truly warm my heart and each and every one of them is so individually unique and special to me. Ever since I started working with children who have autism and other disabilities, it has really opened my eyes and made me realize how much we take for granted every day...from the simplest to the most complex of things.

My experiences at Mountaineer's School of Autism have been nothing but incredible and I am beyond thankful for all the things I have learned during such a short amount of time. 

Alhamdulillah for everything.