GL Courses

  1. ANT 2000 - Introduction to Anthropology
    Fall 2016
  2. CCJ 4694 - Human Trafficking
    Spring 2016
    CCJ 4694 examines the issues related to human trafficking and immigration from an international and global perspective. I truly enjoyed this class as it taught me how much of a local, regional, national, and global issue human trafficking really is. Until this class, I believed that human trafficking only happened abroad. I was sure wrong as many statics, research articles and publishings proved that human trafficking is everywhere and it is a tough battle to fight as traffickers make it almost impossible for the people they're trafficking to be traced. This course has made me more globally aware of the things around me as well as teaching me how to fight a fight that is for millions of people worldwide.
  3. WST 3015 - Introduction to Global Gender and Women's Studies
    Fall 2017
Origin Stories & Human Nature
Anthropological Interviewing
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Final "Essay"
Reproductive Rights
Research Paper
Midterm Essay
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