Spanish Language

Learning Spanish was always something that I wanted to learn ever since I was a little girl. Personally, I thought that knowing Spanish while living in South Florida was essential because a good majority of the population is Hispanic and primarily speak Spanish. Throughout my undergraduate education, I took a plethora of different Spanish courses  - ​Spanish I (SPN  1130), Spanish II (SPN 1131), Advanced Spanish for Non-Heritage Speakers (SPN 3301), and Advanced Grammar and Composition I (SPN 3422) - to better improve my Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and composition. Since I took Spanish I-IV, as well as AP Spanish throughout both middle and high school, I found my SPN 1130 & 1131 courses to be a great refresher after not studying the language for two years. However, my absolute favorite class that I have taken at FIU was SPN 3422, as it strengthened my writing and composition and made me more confident in my Spanish when it comes to both writing and speaking. Studying Spanish has become a passion of mine that I look forward to continuing to learn outside of the classroom as I put everything that I have learned to use. With Spanish being my first foreign language and being able to master it, I feel like I have accomplished a huge milestone and it has paved the way to learning other languages as I am currently studying Arabic and the Arabic culture and loving every second about it. I am looking forward to learning other languages and becoming a more diverse and globally-minded individual.


Attached below is an introductory video that I made for my Advanced Spanish for Non-Heritage Speakers class. I hope you enjoy!