Additional Global Learning Experiences

Global Learning Survey

I decided to take part in the Global Learning Survey as I wanted to be a part of the research study that FIU was conducting. The survey examined how I handled things when problems at my job or organization arose. I found the survey to be very insightful and would be more than happy to take more in the future.​

Peace Corps Parents Night

I was so glad that FIU's Peace Corps Prep streamed their ​​​Parent's  Night online so I could watch it at home as I was unable to make it to campus that night, I learned so much from their event as I was able to meet with people who previously served in the Peace Corps and get actual insight as to what serving as a Peace Corps member is about and how to mentally and physically prepare myself when I decide to volunteer  and join the Peace Corps myself. The event was very insightful and informative, and I really enjoyed it as I was able to take away a lot of information to better myself as an applicant for the Peace Corps.

Department of Homeland Security ICE Webinar

Even though I received my Bachelors in Criminal Justice, I have no intentions of going into law enforcement. But however, I truly enjoyed the Department of Homeland Security ICE Webinar as it gave incredible insight as I got the chance to meet multiple people from different departments within Homeland Security and learn about what they do and how they got to where they are. It came to my surprise that many of the people that are currently working within the Department of Homeland Security actually have backgrounds not pertaining to law enforcement. It was a great ​experience and extremely insightful. I was glad I got the opportunity to attend.