5-Point Experiences
These are some of the wonderful opportunities that I got to be involved in during my undergraduate studies at FIU.
Study Abroad
Dubai, UAE | Muscat, Oman | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Winter break 2017 I got a once-in-a-lifetime experience to study abroad in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The "Cultural Communication in the Arabian Peninsula" program that was offered by CARTA, was a life changing experience for me. I ate foods that I've never seen before, saw breathtaking sights, met incredible people, stepped out of my comfort zone, and most importantly, became globally aware to the things going around me both locally and internationally. I was so grateful to be a part of such an amazing opportunity as I made some great friends and everlasting memories.
Academy of Leaders
AOL helped me develop leadership through educational seminars, experiential exercises, and practical application. I was able to participate in intensive training sessions that focused on building awareness of personality type and leadership style, group development, conflict resolution, and facilitating an effective meeting. 
Common Ground for Action Forums
CGA forums allowed for small groups to learn more about an issue, examined options for dealing with the issue, weighed tradeoffs and found the common ground between the group. Each forum had beautiful visuals that helped the participants actually see their conversation evolve. I enjoyed the forums because it not only let me voice my thoughts and opinions but to see where others stood on the same topic. The CGA forums allowed us to communicate in an effective way and helped us see how we were different but alike. It is something that I believe is super effective and should be spread around more college campuses.